Saturday, October 19, 2013

10 Sets of Line Brushes of Different Types

Here are the 30 Sets of Line Brushes of Different Types which you can download for free. These line brushes can be used in all sorts of projects, both for web and print designs such as website or twitter backgrounds, Facebook timeline covers, brochures, flyers and business cards. Check out this collection and enjoy browsing!

Doodle Line Brushes

By: cesstrelle
A set of doodle line brushes.

Straight Striped Lines Part.3

By: DieheArt
A set of straight striped lines brushes.

Dashed Line Brushes

By: Red–Roses
A set which includes 18 dashed line brushes.

Splatter Line PS Brushes

A set of 5 different splatters in 3 different sizes

Dashed Line Brushes

By: demeters

There are 30 dashed line brushes included in this set.

Line Brushes

By: ArrsistableStock

A set of solid and dotted line brushes made in CS2.


By: ShadyMedusa-stock
A set which includes 8 brushes.

Dotted Line Brushes

By: xCJx

A set of dotted line brushes made for Photoshop 7.0.

Curvy Lines

By: differentxdreamz

A set which includes 12 curvy border line brushes.

Dotted Lines

By: darviana

A set of dotted line brushes.

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